I was dealt a pretty tough hand and had to overcome a lot of things in my lifetime. Some due to the family I was born into, some due to the poor choices I made as a result of my upbringing.

However, I NEVER blamed anyone or played victim. I played the cards I was dealt the best way I could….and always with the intention of being the best example I could be to my children. To make sure that they didn’t live through what I lived through.

Victimhood is a behavior learned by environment

Behavior can be changed.

Addiction, violence, poverty…all tend to be, more often than not, destructive lifestyle habits/behaviors that are passed on for generations. STOP IT!

Have you already fallen “victim” to one of these behaviors? You are making a choice. You can STOP immediately. You can change the behavior today!  


When they say “it runs in the family”, you tell them “this is where it runs out”.

You have to take ownership of your behaviors and choices. You have to choose to survive, not to place blame. It is time to know better and do better.

Break the curse. Break the cycle. Be stronger. Be the example. It might get hella lonely…but I promise it IS worth it!