Shut the But Up!

No more excuses! Take the 111 stairs and level up your life!


Let me be completely transparent on how I got here: I didn’t come from much and always wanted more. I’ve made mistakes that have set me back a time or two, but no matter what, I still wanted more for myself and my family. I wanted more experience and adventures than I had growing up. I wanted to be able to give my kids the things they needed (and wanted) that I never had. And although money doesn’t buy happiness, it sure does fund the ability to do all the things! J/s ;)

I recognized early on that most peoples excuses were greater than their dreams.  

But no one is perfect, right?  

And there have been times when I too believed it was easier to fall into the “BUT” trap than it was to Shut The But Up!®, to do hat needed to be done to do better, to accomplish more, and to keep leveling up!​

After years of achieving great success, accomplishing goals, and fulfilling my dreams, I frequently get approached by people asking HOW do I do it. it seemed more often then not, the very people seeing inspiration, who say they want to make changes, generally all responded with “BUT…”, as if there are reasons success isn’t possible for them.  

That’s why I am here, to help you realize that YOU are the only thing standing in your way.  

The only thing that you are a victim of…is yourself. The only thing keeping you from accomplishing your goals and dreams is your refusal to Shut The But Up!®  

I have laid out these stairs for you because success isn’t just “5 rules” or “25 secrets”, or whatever other book you’ve read. It’s not just about focusing on one area, its working on the WHOLE YOU from the inside out and even around you!