If you start, you finish!

If you start, you finish. Period! Nothing comes from quitting besides regret and living with the “what ifs”…

If you haven’t noticed, I am far from a writer; I am a lot of things: boss babe, sales extraordinaire, leader, visionary, wife, mom, etc. So, writing a book for me was not an easy task. There were quite a few times when I wanted to cancel the whole idea. I had to constantly remind myself that I wanted to put a message out in the world. I had a story to tell and advice to share. I had to remind myself how important it would be if my book could change even one person’s life. I had to remind myself that I said I would do it, so I had no choice but to see it through.

Don’t quit!

What’s the goal? Have you started? How far have you gotten? What all is left to do?

Make a list, if you need to, of the pros and cons of finishing vs quitting.

If you finish does whatever it is line up with your purpose? If you quit now, how will it impact you and your future?

Is the result greater than the pain?

They say, “No pain, no gain,” as I write this, it made me think through all the difficult times when quitting would’ve been more manageable...

The most excellent example I can come up with is childbirth. I know this may not be relatable to everyone, so I apologize; I can’t think that anything is more challenging than growing an entire human inside you and physically delivering them into the world.

I can remember my pregnancies being complicated, I can remember being in and out of doctors offices, emergency rooms, I can even remember the moment where the doctor didn’t think my first born would survive. I remember this labor being something like 20 hours long, I remember having an epidural and that stopping contractions, halting my labor and then being given medicine to start it back up. I remember a lot of scary details…

What I don’t remember is the pain. I know the moment that my baby was handed to me, nothing that had happened in the prior 20 hours or even nine months mattered. It was all forgotten because I was holding the greatest reward for all that pain, and it was worth ALL of it.

No matter how this resonates with you: starting a business, purging your house, saving for a trip, leaving a bad job or relationship, etc…nothing comes from quitting. If you start, you finish!